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Buy Delta 8 Munchies in Brisbane

Buy Delta 8 Munchies in Brisbane.  Our Delta 8 Sour Belts are the most powerful gummies we’ve made to date. Coming in Berry Blue, Green Apple, and Strawberry, each bag contains 3000mg delta 8 with 300mg delta 8 per belt. This makes them not only the strongest gummies we’ve ever made, but the strongest delta 8 gummies you can find ANYWHERE on the market.Buy Weed in Australia 

When we say these Sour Belts are seriously strong, we mean it. Their delicious flavor may entice you to slurp up the whole belt at once, but we highly recommend against doing that unless you’re an extremely experienced user. Instead, we recommend cutting your belt into 10 1-inch pieces creating 30mg bites, and properly dosing from there. Buy Weed in Australia

Buy Delta 8 Munchies in Brisbane

For a general guide, we recommend beginners start with 30mg (1 inch of belt), advanced users start with 45mg (1.5 inches of belt), and experienced users start with 60mg (2 inches of belt). Please enjoy responsibly! Delta-8 THC Gummies – Mango Kush

Due to breeders’ strict confidentiality measures, the origin of the 100% Sativa strain Green Apple OG is unknown. It was developed by Santa Ana, California’s Green Apple Co-Op farms.

Because the average THC content is between 19.5% and 23.5%, this marijuana can be smoked by users of any skill level. Although some users advise using it later in the day, it is best kept for daytime use.

The Green Apple marijuana strain has a wonderful apple fragrance. After inhaling, consumers experience a flavor reminiscent of apple pie with a sweet aftertaste. Delta-8 THC Gummies – Pineapple Express Watermelon Rings


The Green Apple OG strain has a protracted effect; after use, users frequently experience an intense rush of energy that sends them into a euphoric mood and gives them the creativity they need to begin or finish undertakings that call for artistic expression. The physical, full-body buzz that occurs from this extremely energizing cerebral influence leads to a relaxing, pleasurable state. This marijuana mixes nicely with having fun and engaging in some interactive activity because to its effect on elevating mood.Pink Lemonade Gummies

Additionally, the Green Apple strain has certain advantages for people who suffer from a range of problems linked to physical or mental illnesses. Arthritis, pain, muscular spasms, tension, anxiety, depression, and chronic exhaustion can all be treated with this cannabis. Delta-8 THC Gummies – Asteroids Sour Worms

Unfortunately, the company’s policy obscures the origin of this plant. Buy Weed Canberra Strawberry Sour Belt 3000mg Delta 8



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Green Apple Sour Belt 3000mg Delta 8
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