Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia Since 2016, it’s been possible to consume cannabis as a medical patient. The federal law allows users of cannabis as a means of treatment when prescribed by a healthcare professional. The evolution of cannabis laws in Australia has allowed certain territories to consume cannabis both medically and recreationally. But, in Victoria, cannabis use, possession and trafficking are considered illegal. Buy Legal Cannabis in Australia 

Offenders that are caught breaking cannabis laws are subject to Victorian state law where they will incur penalty units. Penalty units are used as a metric for fines and as of June 30th, 2019, the value of a single penalty unit is $161.19 AUD. In certain cases, cautions may be issued to offenders but it’s entirely up to the arresting officer. Receiving a caution in Victoria won’t land you any jail time or a fine but you will be required to attend compulsory counseling.

The cultivation of marijuana for personal use in Victoria is prohibited and offenders may receive up to 20 penalty units. Furthermore, jail time could be issued in certain circumstances.

The Good News | Where to Buy Cannabis in Australia 

The good news is that you can legally grow medical marijuana in Victoria. If you’re a resident of Victoria and want to grow medical marijuana, you can apply for licenses or permits from the Department of Health. As a grower of medical marijuana, you must prove that you have a suitable growing location, security arrangements and that you haven’t committed any serious crimes in the past 10 years.

Can You Get Seeds Shipped to Victoria?

When purchasing legal cannabis seeds in Victoria, you may notice that it’s difficult to either find a wide variety of seeds that suit your needs or that you’re unsure of the quality. Either of these two factors could cost you valuable time and money.

Instead, to get the best cannabis seeds Victoria has to offer, buy them online and have them shipped directly to your door. When you buy your cannabis seeds online, you’re not just limited to Victoria seeds, you’ll get access to a worldwide seed bank. Since cannabis seeds are considered novelty items, they’re perfectly legal by Australian and Victorian Law when unplanted. So, whether you’re a recreational or medical cannabis grower, it’s possible to buy cannabis seeds online and have them delivered to you.