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Buy Weed Canberra. Following the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, there have been a number of attempts by Australian politicians to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes.

In 2018, a former Australian politician, David Leyonhjelm, introduced a bill to the parliament which would amend several restrictions to the use of cannabis. By passing the bill into law, all barriers on the sale, regulation and taxation of cannabis would essentially be removed. Leyonhjelm’s approach to this bill is simply that “adults should be free to make their own choices as long as they do not harm others.Buy legal marijuana online Australia

The Green Party, under Richard Di Natale, seeks to decriminalize cannabis for individuals over the age of 18. As opposed to Leyonhjelm, Di Natale seeks to decriminalize marijuana as Australia’s ‘war on drugs’ has failed.


Despite the stringent laws on cannabis, Australia remains one of the world’s largest consumer of cannabis. The Green Party argues that the ‘war on drugs’ has done nothing to stifle the consumption of marijuana. Instead of criminalising the substance, the party advocates an educational model towards marijuana and other drugs. By educating the people on drug use, harm and misuse can be minimised. Where to Buy Weed Online Sydney 

The party projects to create a system where a government regulated agency is the sole wholesaler and distributor of cannabis in the nation. This agency will also handle the registration of prospective growers and retailers. Where to Buy weed Online Canberra

All attempts to legalisation have been unsuccessful to date. Commenting on the attempts to legalisation, Australia’s Minister of Health, Greg Hunt, offers no support to the pro-cannabis movements. He remarks that the attempts at legalisation are ‘dangerous and medically irresponsible’. Buy weed Online Brisbane

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Statistics reflect the growing support for legalisation amongst the general populace. A telephone poll conducted by the Greens in Tasmania found that 59% of residents support the decriminalization of cannabis within the state, as opposed to 28% that don’t. In this same telephone poll, Denison recorded 63% in favor, to 23% in opposition, while Braddon recorded a 59% support chunk.

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These findings echo those of a study conducted by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NSDH Survey) which shows that Australians largely support the decriminalization and legalisation of cannabis. Buy Weed Online Perth

Final words

Despite the overwhelming support of politicians and the population, cannabis remains illegal in Australia. In recent times, a Labor backbencher named Michael Pettersson, proposed a bill to legalize marijuana in the ACT. The bill received widespread support from Pettersson’s party as well as the Green party, meeting the required majority vote to be passed into law. Buy weed online New South Wales

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